Monthly Archives: November 2014

Not for experts – for everyone

Have you ever read a blog and wondered why people use all kinds of fancy jargon to explain things?  Is it some attempt to seem smart?  I want my blog to appeal to everyone who wants to use whatever income they can generate to make their lives better.  I honestly believe that we don’t need a huge income or some kind of expert ability to make your investment money work for you.

Oil prices!

Spent the day watching oil prices continue to drop.  It will be interesting to see if OPEC makes a decision about production levels tomorrow and Thursday to try to stop the falling price.  Haven’t bought crude oil bull yet but thinking the bottom is near.

Saving for retirement

There are many horror stories about people not having saved enough for retirement and further scary stories about the amount of $$ that you have to save to be ready for retirement.  Mostly the numbers are crazy, based on a very low rate of return on the investment nest egg.  I am pretty convinced that the returns can be significantly higher thus reducing the amount of money that must be saved – just one of the ideas that I want to investigate – I don’t claim to be an expert – but I certainly have the ability to learn!

Fun blog to come

Wealth is so much fun – I have had glimpses of it and had so much fun with it – this blog will explore how to achieve it and talk about fun things to do with it! gotta go and create content for everyone – stay tuned…

Learning about our finances

Have you ever wondered why we learn almost nothing about financial matters as we are growing up? It seems to me that since managing our finances is a daily concern and has a huge impact on our lives we should know lots about it. The problem is – we don’t. We learn almost nothing about it during our school years, then we start to operate an adult life without the knowledge and immediately start to manage poorly.

With this blog I will talk lots about this issue and the fact that we all need to learn about it to make our own lives better and the future for us and our fellow global citizens!

Evidence that no one manages their money well

If you want to see evidence that managing your finances is not easy – have a look at this link to the US National Debt Clock – there has been no government in recent memory that can manage the huge amount of money taken from taxpayers.  What I hope to do with this blog is to publish ideas to help people not get into the financial trouble that the US government is in!