On Being an Entrepreneur

Last night I went to an information session on starting your own business.  I had multiple reasons to go like just seeing what type of resources are out there to help people with the idea of starting their own business, thinking about the idea for myself, and thinking about how I might help others with their plans.

It was an interesting session, not in depth at all, but there will be a time for that. I arrived a little early, maybe 15 minutes or so and had a chance to watch the group as it grew.  There was a real mix of people there from young to as old as I! There were 7 of us in the room and most did not talk specifically about the business they wanted to start with the exception of one person who seemed really ready to get going on a service business.

What struck me about the group was the willingness to jump in and start their business without everything being in place – actually not even close to being in place!

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle! It is walking out the door in the morning and not having a job to go to, yet having to come home later and pay your bills – you have to make that happen – every day!

Over the next month or so, I want to do a series of posts about being an entrepreneur and creating your own wealth. This is exciting stuff – stay tuned!



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