Plans for a Completely Different Life!

Have you ever thought about your current lifestyle and mentally compared it to a completely different approach?

Example, let`s say you currently live in New England, in a suburb of Boston.  You work every day downtown and spend your weekends four wheeling, hunting and fishing in the mountains of New Hampshire where you have a cottage.  In late winter you take an all-inclusive vacation for a week in the Dominican Republic.  That gives you a picture of the current, now the change.

You sell everything, the house in the suburbs, the cottage in the mountains, the four wheelers, the truck you pull them with, quit the job and use your retirement savings to rent an apartment in the city centre of a small city along the Mediterranean coast of Spain.  You don’t work regularly but rather explore the wine country of Spain and often travel to most of western Europe by train to sight see and learn about ancient cultures.

What do you think? Quite a change?  These are the type of life changes that people don’t often think of.  When I listen to people talk of retirement, they mostly think of not working but having enough retirement income to continue to live the exact same life that they are now.  Getting up every day to have the free time to relax and enjoy life where they have always lived and honestly that does sound great.  On the other hand, there are options and really no reason to not consider them if you are looking for a different experience.

The World Awaits.

Sometimes our junk mail is not always junk.  A few weeks back, I received an email in my gmail account that looked interesting.  It was for a website where you can research where in the entire world you might choose to live if you want.  The website allows you to choose a number of options that would fit your lifestyle such as your monthly income, the crime and pollution rates of places you might live, and then allows you to search the world for places that fit your criteria.

The link to the website is HERE – give it a try and let you imagination run free.  It is fun just to look!  How about Brunei? Or maybe Bern ?  Or maybe Prague is more your style?  Maybe you like South America more, so try Santiago.

I think you can see how this is fun to do and encourages you to open your mind to the possibilities.

Give it a try and let your mind roam if not roaming yourself.



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