Hello everyone!   I just want to introduce myself and what I would like this blog to be.  My name is Gerry Morrissey, proud Canadian and hopefully good global citizen (we can always do better).  As you know, Canada is a big place and I have explored lots of it, have lived in southern Ontario for a time but have spent most of my life on the east coast.  Financial things have always interested me and although most of us don’t learn must of substance about financial matters until we are adults and have already made financial mistakes, I have in the last few years started learning and am hoping that I can pass on some of the things I have learned to others.

With this blog I want to explore , with all of you, how we can all learn about finances, manage better, create and keep more wealth and explore fun ways to use our wealth.  I will change this about page as the blog develops because things change and this blog is no different.

I have a few pages to the blog so far, presenting financial links, travel links, news and information links as well as my commentary in the blog .  As I go forward, I hope that the site will be useful to others – it is already useful to me since most of the internet links that I use are in one handy place.

More to come…

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